ADS-L Digest - 25 Mar 2001 to 26 Mar 2001 (#2001-86)

Tue Mar 27 16:47:56 UTC 2001

From:  rabinrl at
Subject: Use of preposition "for" with babysit

In the 50s and 60s in Southern California, babysit always required "for"
before its object:  I'm babysitting for Bobby until 5:00.  In Buffalo, NY
now, "for" is not used:  I'm babysitting Bobby until 5:00.
The "for" seems to have disappeared suddenly, but this is only my perception
from this vantage point.  I do notice that those in Southern California with
whom I speak has dropped the "for."  I'm curious to know what the pattern is
here:  Are there places where the "for" has never exited?  Are there places
where the "for" continues to be used?  Is there a geographical pattern?
Ron Rabin
Communication Dept
Buffalo State College

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