SteveIrwinisms [was Oriented vs. Orientated]

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 27 20:06:53 UTC 2001

It is my belief that Australian males whose work is mainly 'international'
quickly discover that putting on the broad Strine accent actively helps
their career. Mostly, it's 'expected', and seems to add a certain machismo
to their persona.

Some individuals, of course, avoid it (Mel Gibson is actually from New York
state). Russell Crowe, it seems, is a New Zealander.

With Steve Irwin, I suspect he is broadly exaggerating what comes naturally
to him. Paul Hogan has g'died all the way to the bank, and Irwin seems to be
following his lead -- as the REAL Crocodile Irwin -- notwithstanding the
'cringe factor' the Australians speak of.

Linguistic 'dimorphism', the differences in male phonology vs female
phonology is an interesting topic. In Brooklyn, you get the deep-voiced
huffy-chuffy male vs the nasal whiney female version (Fran Drescher vs. Tony
Danza). You'd think Olivia Newton-John was straight from Mayfair, and would
have never guessed Nicole Kidman is Australian.

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