"out of left field" (Why "left"?)

Bob Haas highbob at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Mar 28 03:10:24 UTC 2001

Except, Larry, that more play takes place in left field.  I would be
interested in the amount of activity that actually does take place in
center.  Furthermore, is it possible that the origin of "way out in left
field" has its bases in more than one root cause?  Or do these things simply
occur around one coinage?


On 3/27/01 7:37 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:

> Very slight, and I'd wager not statistically significant.   Note that
> (pace Ron) the center field distance is in each case significantly
> farther from the plate than either left or right, yet we never get
> "out in center field".  (The point being that if it were really just
> a matter of how far out, and sinistral "weirdness" didn't come into
> play, it WOULD be "out in/of center field".)

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