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Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Wed Mar 28 04:40:49 UTC 2001

First I'd just like to say publicly how exceptionally important
and useful John Baker's discoveries are. I am very grateful that
he has gone to the effort of finding and sharing these citations.

>         An earlier Texas case, from the Texas Court of Appeals, uses the
> phrase "negro f--k--ng."  I don't have The F Word in front of me and don't
> know if it's an antedating.  In this case, the court held that there indeed
> were insulting words used toward female relatives.  The cite is Orman v.
> State, 22 Tex. App. 604, 614, 3 S.W. 468, 470 (1886):
>         >>[T]hat appellant's mother and sister were negro f--k--ng bitches,
> and that they had in this way accumulated and made all the property that
> appellant had.<<

This is not an entry in The F-Word. However, I note a similarity to
another compound that's cited in the RH Historical Dictionary of
American Slang s.v. _nigger_ n. 1.b., namely "nigger-fucked whore."
This is taken from an 1862 court-martial (and is thus earlier than
John Baker's cite) and was, perhaps interesting to some, provided to
me by Dr. Thomas Lowry, whose book _Stories the Soldiers Wouldn't
Tell_ has been discussed on this list recently.

Perhaps more research would reveal that this is something of an
established compound, with variants.

Jesse Sheidlower
Oxford English Dictionary

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