Amazin' Mets (March 1962); Big A (September 1959

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   Tomorrow, I'll round up the stuff and tell New York Daily News cartoonist Bill Gallo that New York Evening Journal cartoonist T. A. Dorgan did NOT coin "hot dog" at the Polo Grounds in 1905.  I'll demand a correction.
   I'll also tell him that I solved the Big Apple, the Great White Way, the meaning of the "fan," the Subway Series, the Yankees, the Bronx Bombers...and these two, from his own New York Daily News.


   From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 29 March 1963, pg. 78, col. 1:

_Kanehl's Double Keys Mets_
_To 4-3 Win in 9th Over LA_
By Dick Young
   St. Petersburg, Fla., March 28--They're a strange conglomeration, these amazin' Mets.
(Col. 2--ed.)
   THE 3,192 MEMBERS of the Stengel fan club went wild.  They are enjoying these late-inning heroics of the Amazin' Mets, almost expecting them.

(Above the col. 2 box score is "Slightly Amazin'"--ed.)


   From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 13 September 1959, pg. 132, col. 1:

_Aqueduct--From Dream Track to Reality_
By Gene Ward
   The dream has become a reality.  The new Aqueduct, four years in the making, has risen from the rubble of the old and it symbolizes many things to many people...
(Pg. 135, col. 1--ed.)
   In forceful, table-pounding language, Cole told his listeners racing in New York was decaying to death; that the big apple had become a small potato, and a rotten one at that.

   From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 14 September 1959, pg. 60 (back cover photo), col. 2:

_<---Big A_
_Stands for_
Sun sparkles from the spanking-new grandstand at Aqueduct, which opens its 738 pari-mutuel windows today.  The new track's first meeting lasts 67 days.  Built to accommodate 80,000, Big A cost $33 million to erect.  _--Story p. 57_

   From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 16 September 1959, pg. 73, col. 1 (written by Gene Ward):

   Willie Shoemaker wasn't the only one to take a great fall as the Big A got off winging on Monday.

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