"brick" = 'very cold' (weather) ?

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Fri Mar 30 16:18:31 UTC 2001

> >From another list:
> >>>>>
> #About 11/2 years ago a coworker of mine used the word "brick" for cold
> #as "in its really brick out" I of course corrected him with the word
> #brisk but was assured that he did in fact mean brick. I also heard it
> #this past winter and I was wondering if it was local to the NYC area?
> <<<<<
> Anyone ever hear this one? (I assume "11/2" means "one and a half".)

Yes, I've been hearing it for the last two years or so in the
New York area. It's definitely "brick."

Jesse Sheidlower

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