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Good point larry. And may account for some "apparent southernisms" in
northern speech. Maybe New York ain't southern after all (they got
their own linguistic insecurity to deal with).


>>From: "Duane Campbell" <dcamp911 at JUNO.COM>
>>Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 10:21 AM
>>Subject: CONtract/conTRACT
>>>  I have heard several spokespersons talk about the victims who have
>>>  CON-tracted anthrax. My understanding has always been that you CON-tract
>>>  with someone for a sale or service, but you con-TRACT a disease. Is this
>>>  ideosyncratic or is this proper susage that is just slipping. (It seems
>>  > to be the same people who constantly say "as best we can.")
>P.S.  It just occurred to me that the above cited speakers might
>indeed say "conTRACT a disEASE"  but say "CON-tract AN-thrax" because
>of the famous "rhythm rule" in English stress (four-TEEN vs.
>FOUR-teenth FLOOR).  Just a guess.  It also might be "contamination"
>from CON-tact (where verb and noun both have initial stress).

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