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Life was more fun as a kid, when it was ICE CREAM!!!!


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Not to mention HO-tel and PO-lice, and the women's names DI-ane and JO-ann.
 Verily, it done slup.


At 01:51 PM 10/31/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Many of us Southerners eschew fancy-pants Romance stress rules and go
>for a root (or even misunderstood as root) earlier syllable. I bet
>them good ol- CON-tract speakers are also
>and even
>It ain't slipping; it's done slupt.
>>I have heard several spokespersons talk about the victims who have
>>CON-tracted anthrax. My understanding has always been that you CON-tract
>>with someone for a sale or service, but you con-TRACT a disease. Is this
>>ideosyncratic or is this proper susage that is just slipping. (It seems
>>to be the same people who constantly say "as best we can.")
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