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Fri Nov 2 17:18:18 UTC 2001

Allen observed:

               Years ago someone from the
East Coast who knew I was from out west said he could tell I was from
Oregon because I had "an Oregon accent". I always thought it was just a
lucky guess, but maybe not ...

When my wife was a student aide at CCNY in the office of the Classics
Dep't, which included linguistics, a would-be Henry Higgins confessed
himself unable to place another faculty member.

"Oh, you must be from Oregon," said Rene.

"That's right!", said the subject, "how did you guess?"

"You sound like a friend of mine who went to Reed."

That friend was my uncle Marshall Kolin, who introduced us. Marshall was
born and raised in NYC, but the college influence was evidently lifelong.
So was the influence of the introduction!

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