Halloween pronunciation

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Nov 5 06:12:34 UTC 2001

>I am curious about the Halloween pronunciation.  Do those who say Holloween
>also say "hollowed be thy name"?   (If, of course, they have occasion to
>say it at all!)
>A. Murie

I don't have much occasion to say it (being a
Jewish-agnostic-Unitarian), but I've heard both "hallowed" and
"hollowed", the latter often enough not to have been struck by it
before the current thread began.  I think I would usually say "a
hallowed tradition" (I wouldn't be terribly surprised to be caught on
tape saying "hollowed") maybe because the broad "a" version here can
drift dangerously close to the semantically quite distinct "hollow


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