Ice Cream Cone (NYHT, 29 July 1954)

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   This was a slightly bizarre day for the NYHT food experts, with two contradictory items on the same food.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 29 July 1954, pg. 10, col. 1:

_Waffle Man's Inspiration_
   _Ice Cream Cone Is 50;_
   _Born at St. Louis Fair_
   By Clementine Paddleford
   The ice cream industry is celebrating the fiftieth birthday of the ice cream cone this week.  The industry's version of the origin of the cone says that it was born in an emergency at St. Louis' World's Fair (the Louisiana Purchase Exposition) on one of the hottest days of a hot summer in 1904.  The cone was the invention of a Syrian penny-sugar-waffle concessionaire who quickly wrapped a waffle from his iron and handed it to his next-door neighbor the ice cream vendor, whose dishes had run short for serving the popular 10-cent frozen deliciousness.
   F. A. Hamwi was the name of the genius inventor who put ice cream on the road in a portable container. (...)

   From the same NYHT, 29 July 1954, pg. 12, col. 5:

_Patented a Machine in 1903_
   _Italo Marchiony Dies, 86;_
   _Ice Cream Cone Pioneer_
Special to the Herald Tribune
   CLIFFSIDE PARK, N. J., July 28.--Italo Marchiony, eighty-six, retired ice cream cone and candy manufacturer who is believed to be the originator of the ice cream cone, died yesterday at his home, 232 Adolphus Ave.
   Histories of the ice cream cone, including the records of the International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers, say that the ice cream cone was originated at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904 as the inspiration of Ernest A. Hamwi, a native of Damascus, Syria.
   Mr. Hamwi, who operated a stand at the fair selling wafer-like pastry called Zalabia, reportedly came to the aid of a nearby ice cream vender who had run out of dishes.  He offered his wafer rolled in the shape of a cornucopia as a substitute and thus, allegedly, the ice cream cone was born.
   _Patented in 1903_
   Members of Mr. Marchiony's family contended today that he hit upon the idea of the ice cream cone in 1896, later patented a cone-making machine and also developed the ice cream waffle or ice cream sandwich.  (Col. 6--ed.)  The United States Patent Office in Washington confirmed that Mr. Marchiony had patented on December 13, 1903--six months before the St. Louis World's Fair opened--"A mold for making ice cream cups and the like."
   The mold was described as "split in two like a waffle iron and producing several small round pastry cups with sloping sides."
   Born in Pieve di Cadore, in the northern Italian province of Belluno, Mr. Marchiony came to this country at the age of twenty.  In 1902 he established a cone and candy manufacturing business in Hoboken, N. J. at 221-227 Grand St.  He closed down the business and retired in 1938.  He moved to Cliffside Park two years ago.  (...)

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