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Tue Nov 6 13:18:53 UTC 2001


   From today's NEW YORK POST, 6 November 2001, pg. 3, col. 1:

_"Naughty" cocktails stirring trouble_
   Research by TGI Friday's--which has five locations in Manhattan--discovered that 84 percent of women asked had never ordered a "Screaming Orgasm" drink and 73 percent shied away from "Sex on the Beach."
   The chain--which serves hundreds of kookily named cocktails--is now grappling with more politically correct names for the two drinks.
   Company officials said "Screaming Orgasm"--one part each of Kahlua, vodka, Bailey's and amaretto, and six parts cream--may become "Coffee Cooler."
   And "Sex on the Beach"--one part each of Midori, vodka and Chambord, and two parts orange juice and cranberry juice--may be rechristened "Summer Sunset."
   TGI Friday's already markets a popular pre-mixed version of "Sex on the Beach" in liquor stores, but has renamed it "Censored on the Beach" on the label.

("Bloody Mary" stays because that's politically correct?  What about "Screwdriver"?--ed.)


   Also from the NEW YORK POST, 6 November 2001, pg. 38, col. 2:

_SEC charges 6 for "spoofing"_
   WASHINGTON--The Securities and Exchange Commission charged six persons with manipulating stock prices by entering false orders and then canceling them, a practice known as "spoofing."
   Th use of "phantom quotes" typically occurs with little-traded securities that have wide (Col. 3--ed.) spreads between the buy and sell prices posted by Nasdaq Stock Market dealers, the SEC said.
   By making and quickly withdrawing the phantom offers, traders hope to move prices and make more money on other trades.  (...)
(Col. 4--ed.)
   The SEC and the National Association of Securities Dealers have brought a total of 13 cases that allege spoofing.

(Not intended as a political endorsement for today's election--ed.)

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