J. Green food-slang dictionary

Jonathon Green slang at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Wed Nov 7 10:15:24 UTC 2001

For Barry Popik, Jesse Sheidlower et al at ADS.

Please note.

I have NOT written a dicionary of food. Or even food slang. I was asked by
Batchelors, who are a food company in the UK (and US? - like most UK firms,
including my publisher Cassell,  they are probably owned by some globalised
monster), to aid a promotional campaign for, god help me, something called
Supernoodles, by looking through my slang database and coming up with some
material to illustrate the way in which food is used in language, especially
slang. This I did, and a 16-pp booklet, fifty percent illustrations, was
produced. I also did a day's radio - 33 interviews - to explain it. I
believe this is known as selling one's soul and if required I will put up my
hand to be berated accordingly. (Still we are all aware of Johnson's dictum
in re writing,. money and fools). However, I am NOT writing nor have I
written a dictionary of food or food slang. I can but apologise for the PR
people and what I presume was their ill-written promo.

Jonathon Green

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