steam beer

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Nov 11 11:55:59 UTC 2001

Yesterday Barry Popik wrote:

>    Patrick Murphy's THE BARMAN'S CORNER had about five columns on
>"steam beer."  I didn't know which to post, so I just kept them and
>didn't post anything.  I don't know how much Cohen or DARE would be
>interested; it's a lot of typing.

       I'm curious about what the columns say. Why not start with a
single column, and if that looks interesting, proceed to the next
one. I'll be happy to help with the typing if Barry would send me a
photocopy or the bibliographical references of the columns.

     Also, my thanks to Ken Miller ("Bookrat") for his message
yesterday. And here's one more item from the Internet:

Steam Beer

This beer is largely consumed throughout the state of California. It
is called steam beer on account of its highly effervescing properties
and the amount of pressure ("steam") it has in the trade packages.
The pressure ranges from 40 to 70 pounds in each trade package,
according to the amount of kraeusen added, temperatures, and time it
takes before being consumed and the distance it travels from saloon
rack to faucet, etc. Usually 50 to 60 pounds' pressure is sufficient
for general use.  ...

---Gerald Cohen

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