V for Victory

Jan Kammert write at SCN.ORG
Sun Nov 11 18:52:48 UTC 2001

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, James A. Landau wrote:

> P.S. Another use of the "V" sign:  in Washington DC a taxicab from Virginia
> is not allowed to pick up fares within DC unless the fare is going to
> Virginia.  (A similar rule applies to Maryland taxicabs.)  Hence Virginia
> cabs will frequently refuse to be flagged down by potential customers in DC,
> since the odds are the would-be rider is illegal (i.e. not going to
> Virignia.)  One day someone in DC who wanted to go to Virginia saw a Virginia
> cab approaching and successully hailed it by holding up two finters in a
> V-sign!
I live on Vashon Island, in Washington state.  To get in the correct line
for the ferry, which also goes to the Kitsap Peninsula, people from Vashon
flash the V-sign to the police directing traffic.  Visitors to our island
wonder why we give our police the peace sign, which is what that V means
to most of my friends.
Jan Kammert

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