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>From Gilbert Love, "What We Say", Pittsburgh Press, January 18, 1952, p.
23 (first page of section 2 - I don't have vol.#, no.# info):

     But to get back to local expressions, here
are some more that are listed in the letters[*]:
     "I will tell my wife whenever I get home"

* from writers concerned over the 'peculiarities' of Pittsburgh's local

There's no further discussion of this usage beyond this written

This article is the earliest in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's
archive of newspaper articles on 'local' speech that discusses specific
lexical features.

Jennifer Beckman wrote:
> I'm investigating the (presumably Southern) use of temporally
> specific/non-habitual "whenever" in Missouri.  For example:  "Whenever I
> was working on this last night (referring to one specific occasion) I had
> some problems," "I was in the shower whenever you came over last night,"
> and, more curious, perhaps, "There was a time whenever I didn't know what I
> wanted to do with my life."  I have canvassed the ADS-L archive and the
> American Speech indexes and haven't found any reference to this
> feature.  Any input (knowledge of this feature, recommendations for
> investigating it, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.
> Jennifer Beckman

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