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Grant Barrett grant.barrett at VERIZON.NET
Tue Nov 13 00:13:17 UTC 2001

>>>> m.diocaretz at INTER.NL.NET - 11/11/01 6:02 AM >>>
> Dear colleagues,
> Your name has been suggested to us by one of the authors published by
> Editions Rodopi. We are currently renewing our mailing list, and we would
> like to include you in it as recipient of our free newsletter of recently
> published books on the Post-colonial.
> Due to SPAM protection of some electronic mail recipients, we need your
> confirmation or authorization that you wish to receive our Rodopi
> newsletter--which will be sent to you as a Word Document, with a form to
> order the review copies.

Your message is not clear. Do you intend to send such a message to the ADS-L
email list? Or to individual members? In either case, I would like to
discourage you from sending a Word document as an enclosure, to me or to
anyone. It's unnecessary. Why not just paste the text of the document into
the body of an email? It's a smaller message, easier to read, less likely to
carry a virus and readable by everyone (because not everyone has or uses
Word, you know). You will probably find a good number of mail servers will
stop your message cold because of the attachment, anyway, and not only
because of spam-prevention measures.


Grant Barrett
gbarrett at
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