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Tue Nov 13 15:22:49 UTC 2001

Also, a light-skinned "black".  Pejorative or not,
depending on the context.

--- Jonathon Green <slang at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK> wrote:
> Thus 1970s UK 'bananas', corrupt policemen, because
> 'they're 'yellow, bent
> [i.e. corrupt] and hang around in bunches'. There
> are other negative puns on
> banana, e.g. the term for an Asian who has adopted
> Western values and is
> 'yellow on the otuside and white within' (a la
> 'apple' and 'oreo'). The
> exception is 1950s Australia's 'banana', a one-pound
> note which is,
> apparntly 'sweet and acceptable'.
> Jonathon Green

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