nucular and Latino

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Nov 14 11:37:57 UTC 2001

>How come many Hispanic and non-Hispanic native speakers of English
>pronounce "Latino" and "Latina" as if they were Spanish words when they're
>speaking English?

Is the question why it's /la'tinou/ instead of /l&'tinou/ or /l@'tinou/?
[I've heard all of these, I think.] [replace /ou/ with /@/ for the female

Or is a more 'English' alternative suggested, along the lines of /'l&t at nou/
(like "domino"/"stamina") or /l@'tainou/ (like "albino"/"vagina")?

[I don't think they need to mutate that far: several words -- such as
"casino", "marina" -- are commonly pronounced with accented penult with /i/
without seeming 'foreign'.]

>I also have a question about pronouncing nuclear as if it were ...
>"nucular." George W. Bush says nucular. Eisenhower used to say nucular.
>How about other presidents? How common is this pronunciation?

IIRC, Jimmy Carter said "nucular".

It's VERY common. I've heard it MANY times from 'professionals' in the
field of nuclear medicine. [That don't make it right.]

-- Doug Wilson

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