nucular and Latino

Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Wed Nov 14 19:27:53 UTC 2001

"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:

> Paul,
> What makes you think linguists don't have likes and dislikes (i.e.,
> prejudices)? I betcha geologists think there are purty and ugly rocks.
> dInIs

> >Paul Frank wrote:
> >  > I thought I might be opening a can or worms or opening myself up to the
> >>  accusation of prejudice.

When I was on a tour bus in Spain in 1999 with a loquacious Castillian-speaking guide, I
was surrounded by Spanish-speakers.  When I overheard one of them speaking beautiful
Mexican Spanish when we stopped at a money-hungry tourist shop, I couldn't resist speaking
to him.  He was from Mexico City.  After I got back on the bus I struck up a conversation
with the fellow across the aisle and once again heard Mexican Spanish -- which by this
time sounded soooo good.  But he was from Chiapas and had a tinge of that Central American
accent that isn't quite as mellifluous as that good ole Mexican accent from central and
northern parts of the country that I grew up hearing in Texas.  The Chiapas fellow
commented that he also thought the accents on the bus were kind of 'feo' (ugly).  It felt
good to be among other North Americans.  Familiarity / unfamiliarity / experience --
prejudice / preference / whatever.

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