"call a spade a spade" furor

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Wed Nov 14 19:13:48 UTC 2001

The substitution at the Fresno Bee was a deliberate practical joke by a
staff member, not an inadvertent overcorrection.

A good account is at



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> Or the item recounted by Deborah Cameron (on p. 116 of the "Civility
> and its discontents" chapter of her Verbal Hygiene):
> "In the early 1990's, a humorous item in the British Guardian
> newspaper reported that the Fresno Bee, a California newspaper, had
> been forced to run a curious correction.  Inadvertently, the Bee had
> referred to 'a plan for putting Massachusetts back in the
> African-American.' "
> I wonder if the Fresno Bee is a cousin of the Sacramento Bee that
> just informed us about the "spade" flap.
> larry

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