Elizabethan / Renaissance term

Linda Sparlin lsparlin at ROLLANET.ORG
Thu Nov 15 14:49:52 UTC 2001

What is the Elizabethan or Renaissance term for the person who announced,
sometimes with fanfare, the names of individuals entering the royal court or
entering a ball or party?   A historian has told me that this was usually a
servant of the court or in a household.   But what is the period vernacular
for his function in this situation?  "Crier" comes to mind, but I don't
think that's accurate.  Any Shakespearean references?

Need this for a character's credit in a printed program.

Please respond to me privately at <lsparlin at rollanet.org> as well as to the
list.  ASAP - goes to print this afternoon!   I'm a new subscriber and I'm
afraid I won't get the general mailing in time.

Many thanks,
Linda Sparlin

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