Bringing pineapples to Milagro, Ecuador

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Mon Nov 19 02:20:49 UTC 2001

   Greetings from Quito.  I'll be in the Galapagos for about five days and probably off the internet.

BRINGING PINEAPPLES TO MILAGRO--Like carrying coals to Newcastle.  There are a lot of pineapples in Milagro.

At Papaya-Net here:
MACCIATO--espresso long with milk foam
MACCIATONE--espresso with milk and with foam

GOLF SAUCE--Like 1000 Island Dressing.

   From THE EXPLORER/EL EXPLORER (free publication), November 2001, pg. 31, col. 1 (with spelling errors included):

   Funeral sites sometimes built artificial hills or "tolas", sacred sites where the dead are buried. (...)
   In a rural parish of Quitp, Calderon, there is a very particular celebration in memory of the dead.
   (Col. 2--ed.)
   The most delicious dishes are prepared ahead of time.  They have "mote", "chica", meat, the "colada morada" and bread in the shape of babies.
   With all these, the family goes to the grave yard.  In this holy place, they eat and make offerings to their dear ones who are deceased, and living a better life.
   At Calderon's cemetery on November 2nd aboriginal families from arrive early.  The ceremony takes place at the tombs if their ancestors, and the chants and offerings to the dead last all day.
   A drink for the dead
   The "colada morada" is part of the tradition remembering the dead.  In every home, rich or poor, it is part of the holiday.  The family waits very anxiously for this drink prepared with blackberries, pineapple, strawberries, "mortino", and spices "clavo de olor", and "anis estrellado".
   The drink is accompanied with delicate "guaguas de pan" (babies bread).  These dolls made of bred represent the deceased.

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