For Jim Rader: Home for Shipley book?

Nichols, Wendalyn WNichols at RANDOMHOUSE.COM
Mon Nov 19 20:57:58 UTC 2001

I have the sorry task, before I go, of sorting through the Random House
library and returning volumes that don't belong to RH--technically, that is.
Whether ANY of them could be said, morally speaking, to 'belong' to
Bertelsmann is of course a question I'd rather not get into.

At any rate, I've got a copy of the Shipley book, the Origins of English
Words, that Leonore Hauck gave to Jim Rader in 1985. I know this because
there's a delightful note from Jim in the book, thanking Leonore for sending
him this 'very strange book.'

I'd like to return it to Jim, but I haven't got a current address for him.
If he would like it back, if only for curiosity's sake, perhaps he or his
colleagues who subscribe to this list could let me know at my own e-mail
address: wendalyn at

Thanks in advance.

Wendalyn Nichols
Soon-to-be-former Editorial Director of RH Reference

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