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At 08:01 AM 11/21/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Indeed we have, and, although I am paraphrasing, one of our official
>blurbs notes that we are concerned with varieties of American English
>and languages and dialects influencing it or influenced by it. An
>even more recent decision, regarding our editorial policy, suggests
>that we are also concerned with general, theoretical concerns of
>dialect and language variation.
>If BritEng is not one of the varieties "influencing and influenced
>by" AmerEng I'll eat my toboggan.
>dInIs (who now knows, having lived in MI for almost 20 years, that
>that also is stuff to wear, not only to slide down hills on after the
>year turns ugly)

You mean "despite" having lived in MI, right?  'Toboggan' is used all
through southern and SE Ohio, much to the chagrin of Northerners like the
kids from Chagrin, Ohio (upper class smartalecks from the Cleveland
area).  It's also in North Carolina, according to Connie Eble; how far
south/west/east does it go?  (This may be in the archives; can't recall.)

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