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The first is the "peculiar" one, South Midland and further South (just how
far I'm not sure, and is it used in SW Illinois?).  But it doesn't have to
be worn while sledding (btw, my Minnesota def. of 'toboggan' refers to a
long flat wooden sled, curved up front, but that may not be required of
all).  Also, I've asked students if there are special requirements for the
hat def., and they disagree:  Some insist on a tassel, some on a tail, some
on neither; but it seems to be woolen or otherwise warm and snug.  All you
all agree?

At 02:48 PM 11/21/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Help me out, guys (and gals for those who still see 'guys' as gendered).  I'm
>very lost on this 'toboggan' business.  Are there two 'toboggan' meanings?
>If so, are they:
>a.) a sock-cap type of hat to keep you warm while you use...
>b.) a sled.
>This is what I thought they were.  I was laughed at by everyone.  Apparently,
>no body but my family knows the (a) version.  Can anyone validate my poor
>internal lexicon?  Or am I still crazy?
>Douglas S. Bigham
>Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

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