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Sun Nov 25 00:00:32 UTC 2001

   Greetings from Quito, Ecuador.  I´ll have no evil text attachments with this message.

SANDWICH´S--That apostrophe is on the menu of EL ESPANOL, DELICATESSEN & SANDWICH´S (El Sandwich mas GRANDE del Ecuador!), 14 years (since 1987), behind my hotel and next to bookstore and also at eight other locations.  The sandwiches (pictures but no text on this takeout menu) are:
   Tradicional, Pollo con Champinones, Suizo Caliente, Bocata, Light, Super Pavo, Roast Beef, Vegetariano, Cubano, Artesanal.

PIZZERIA EL HORNERO--About a block away, and offers:
   PIZZA URUGUAYA--solo salsa con tomates frescos y oregano (sin queso).
   FUGAZZA--Cebolla, oregano y queso parmesano.

REPSHOP--This gas station stop has REPSOL gas.  I guess it´s a trade name and not a word, so I stand corrected.  Great bathrooms, FWIW.

LA LEY MOJADA (COCKTAILS COMPLETOS) by Pedro Chicote, 1930(?), Ediciones Siruela, Madrid, 1987.
   386 pages, and a fine cheap pickup.  MOJITO CRIOLLO-COCKTAIL is on page 170, if OED wants a 1930 Mojito.

GORP, GLOP & GLUE STEW: FAVORITE FOODS FROM 165 OUTDOOR EXPERTS by Yvonne Prater and Ruth Dyar Mendenhall, the Mountaneers, Seattle, 1982.
   I didn´t see GORP=Good Old Peanuts and Raisins here, if you acronym folks are intested.  The bookstore sold this used book cheap.

NEWS (NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH)--About seven years ago, I went through the NYPL almanacs.  This was in the Elton almanacs from the 1840s, and repeated many times throughout the century in other publications.

COCINA TRADICIONAL DEL ECUADOR by Dona Juanita, Editorial Ecuador, 1998 and 2001, 152 pages, paperback.
   It´s in Spanish, so I won´t cite all the recipes.  Can´t go wrong for three bucks.

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