Fort Myers Cook Book (1951); Miami Bar Guide (1988)

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Published by the Lee Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Fort Myers, Florida

Pg. 96:
   _Johnny Mazollie_

Pg. 101:
   _Alligator Steaks_
   _Sloppy Joes_
4 lbs. ground beef
4 tsp. salt
2 medium onions, chopped
1 jar chili sauce
1 small can mushrooms
   Brown meat.  Add other ingredients.  Serve this tasty goo over toasted buns.  About 36.

Pg. 107:
grind:  turtle meat
        green pepper
   Add salt & pepper and beaten egg as "binding."
   Make into cakes, flour lightly, and saute.
   This recipe may sound vague, but you're an experimenter at heart, or you would never even start to prepare a dish as exotic as turtle-burgers.

by Debbie Kangas
Affordable Adventures, Inc., Milwaukee

Pg. 2, BAR BALU, 401 North Biscayne Boulevard, Bayside Mall:
   Experience a "Mexican Death", (nothing personal folks, it's a specialty drink of the house), while enjoying the art-deco decor.

Pg. 11, COCO LOCO IN THE SHERATON HOTEL, 495 Brickell Avenue:
   Dive into a "Miami Ice", one of their tropically cool drinks.

Pg. 31, HONKY TONKS, 13901 South West 88th Street:
   Try one of their specialty Rum Runners, Alabama Slammers or Sex on the Beach.

Pg. 34, JARDIN BRESILIEN, Bayside Mall, 401 Biscayne Boulevard:
   Explore their list of many specialty drinks among them being the Alligator Drink, named appropriately so for the area, (Amaretto, vodka, passion fruit and guava).

Pg. 43, MAC'S CLUB DUECE BAR, 222 14th Street:
   One of Miami Beach's original "party til you puke" establishments.

Pg. 45, MONTANA'S BAR AND GRILL, 7702 North Kendall Drive:
   Try the specialty of the house they call the "Bushwacker", (Kaluha, Bailey's, Vodka and Amaretto laced with coconut), but keep in mind the definition of "sudden attack".

Pg. 60, SOUTH SIDE BAR AND GRILL, 8099 South Dixie Highway:
   A regular clock work clientele stop for the Bar and Grill's famous shooters and the Russian Roulette, (voska, Galliano, wheel of lemon, sugar, 151 proof) served flaming.

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