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   FYI...So where are the historic menus?
--Barry Popik, tempting fate with an evil text attachment

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Mr. Wall,

Forwarded for your review and consideration.  Have a great day!

Best regards,

Arthur Connors
Reservations Coordinator

Dear Barry:

Thanks for your interest in the Hotel del Coronado.

As far as I know, the Caesar salad was "invented" in Tijuana, but I'm not
sure when (early 1900s, I'm thinking).

I believe the Casesar salad, as well as other Mexican food (such as tacos),
are a relatively recent addition to our menus, probably added after 1960 or
even after 1970.

Thanks again for thinking of The Del.


Christine Donovan
Director of Heritage Programs
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Subject:    Historic menus from your hotel

Dear Hotel del Coronado,

I am studying the origin of the Caesar Salad, and your hotel was one of the
first to serve it.  I am also studying the taco and other foods.
When did these items first appear on your hotel menus?  Where can one find
historic menus from your hotel?

Barry Popik
member, NY Culinary Historians
225 East 57th Street, Apt. 7P
New York, NY 10022


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