"cowboy(s)" = 'blue jeans'?

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The following appeared in LINGUIST List #12.2931,
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Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 07:01:09 -0600
From: Greenberg, Marc L <mlg at ku.edu>
Subject: Slovene _kavbojke_

A friend and colleague, Dr. Marko Snoj, is completing the second edition of
his Slovene Etymological Dictionary and has asked me to help him with some
borrowings from English. Being a Slavist, I am of limited help and he has
stumped me with this: He has asked me whether I know the meaning 'denim
jeans' corresponding to the word _cowboy(s)_ so that he can decide whether
this is the meaning that the Slovene word _kavbojke_ ['ka:w-boy-ke] fem.
tant. acquired from English or innovated itself. He claims to have heard
this use in an American movie made in 1949. Does anyone know this meaning
for _cowboys_? If so, can you provide a written source for this meaning? If
not, an educated guess about its origin in English? I do not find this
meaning in any of the reference works I have at hand. Please write to me
off-list <mlg at ku.edu> and I will be happy to post a summary.
Many thanks,
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Marc L. Greenberg
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Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures
University of Kansas - Wescoe Hall


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