Canada, Eh?

Paul McFedries lists at MCFEDRIES.COM
Wed Nov 28 20:42:16 UTC 2001

Traditionally, a hoser was a dumb, uncouth, uneducated, hockey-loving,
beer-swilling male, and the term was considered offensive. However, another
McKenzie Brothers effect has been the gentling of this term. They were fun
and likable characters and wore the "hoser" label proudly. So now hoser is
more of a joshing term and I doubt there is anyone left in this country who
would be even mildly offended by the word, and the more likely reaction
would be a good-natured laugh. I think, too, that a sizable chunk of the
population has taken just the hockey-loving, beer-drinking part of the old
definition and redefined hoser to include just those elements, which makes
many Canadians hosers at heart.

Paul (who fits the redefined hoser to a T)

> Just one more thing--could you explain to some of us south-of-the-border
> types what "hoser" means?  (Not related to "Hoosier," eh?)

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