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Indigo Som indigo at WELL.COM
Fri Nov 30 20:00:03 UTC 2001

>RHHDAS does include a second sense for "dork":  'a stupid or
>obnoxious person', with the first cite from 1967.  There's also a
>verb "dork", related to the first sense, and various
>derivatives--"dork around", "dorkbreath", "dorkbrain", "dorkface",
>"dorky", etc.--from the latter.

Thanks for enlightening me on "dork". I've always (all my life, I guess)
used dork as roughly equivalent to nerd or geek. I don't think of dorkiness
as being obnoxious, though, just *uncool*. But now there is a reclaiming
movement happening where it's actually cool to claim being a dork or a nerd
or a geek. I've especially noticed widespread use of "geek" -- I've been
identified as a book geek (& also an art nerd). Anything that you're really
enthusiastic about can be used as an adjective to describe the kind of geek
you are. Also I would say that I "get all geeked out" about something when
I'm having any specialized or technical discussion about something. Highly
enthusiastic shop talk about almost anything can be "geeking out" on that

I have hairclips that say "DORK" on them!

But "dorkbreath" and "dorkbrain" still retain their insulting essence. I
wouldn't want to be addressed that way at all!

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