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Mon Apr 1 14:12:55 UTC 2002

I mus' be a conflater.  I have no idea what the
difference is you are discussing here.  Even my
dictionary provides no clue; the words "cot" and
"cart" typify the "a" in "awesome", the expression
"aw" for that in "blossom":  the "a"s in all three
words sound the same to my ear.

Can you give an example of someone on tv who makes the
distinction, so I can understand, though probably not
change, my conflating ways?

--- "Dennis R. Preston" <preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU> wrote:
> >Awesome Blossom does not impress me at all - I keep
> the cot-caught
> >vowels quite distinct. For people who say (shudder)
> "Ahsome
> >Blahsome" (both with the vowel of "cot") I reckon
> it's cutesy (or
> >"poertic"). arnold, say you ain't such a conflater!
> dInIs
> PS: Of course, even as a nonconflater, one might
> appreciate the
> immense subtlety of the half-rhyme I reckon.
> >there was mention, a few days ago, of a dispute
> between
> >Outback and Chili's over the use of this name.
> Chili's has
> >gone for the name Awesome Blossom, which i prefer
> on poetic
> >grounds (though its failure to refer clearly to
> onions might
> >be viewed as a point against it).
> >
> >as it happens, my daughter had dinner at an Outback
> (in san
> >francisco) last night, with a visiting australian -
> who
> >*asked* to go there, because he thought the place
> was just
> >such a weird experience.  he did wonder what went
> with a
> >Bloomin' Onion - a Bloody Steak, perhaps?
> >
> >arnold (zwicky at
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