ADS sessions at MLA

Michael Adams MAdams1448 at AOL.COM
Mon Apr 1 17:41:54 UTC 2002

The "deadline" for abstracts for ADS sessions at the MLA convention has
supposedly come and gone -- I have received one proposal so far.  I can
extend the deadline until Wednesday, April 3, and I encourage any ADS members
who will be attending MLA to submit an abstract by the end of that day.
Please encourage graduate students to propose papers -- it's a great
opportunity for them and a treat for all of us who will be there to hear from
younger members of the profession.

The ADS has a longstanding historical relationship with the MLA.  Language
studies aren't central to the MLA's program these days, but I would hate for
us to move from a marginal presence there to a non-presence!  Our sessions
are generally well attended (30-35 people) and several of the audience are
local teachers interested in language issues -- so the sessions are actually
very useful, potentially important activities.

Please send abstracts to MAdams1448 at

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