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Tue Apr 2 18:14:12 UTC 2002

In the slang context:

cacafuego: a braggart, a noisy bully
1627 John Taylor _An Armado_ (in Works 1630) (1869)  vol. I 79: The Captain
of her was Signior Caca Fogo [...] a sweet affable Gentleman
1696 Phillips _Dictionary_ Cacafuego, a Spanish word signifying Shitefire;
and it is used for a bragging, vapouring fellow
1698 B.E., Gent. _Dict. of the Canting Crew_ Cacafuego, a Shite-fire, also a
furious fierce Fellow
1785 in Grose _Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue_ Cacafuego, a fh-te
fire, a furious braggadocio or bully huff

[Portuguese cagar, to excrete + Spanish fuego, fire, lit. 'shit-fire'. Also
the name of a Spanish galleon taken by Sir Francis Drake in 1577]

Jonathon Green

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