Caldo Verde (Portuguese national dish, 1817)

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by Colonel Maurice Keatinge
London: Henry Colburn

   More from that "gaspacho" book.
   "Caldo" is not in the OED at all!  I went back home and looked in LAROUSSE GASTRONOMIQUE, and "caldo verde" is there, described as the Portuguese national dish.  It has a few thousand Google hits, with "Portuguese Kale Soup" often attached.
   Caldo, Malassada--have OED editors ever gone to Portugal?
   It should be noted that, although it didn't indicate it, the past citations were from Volume One.

Pg. 140:  _Posada_ we know means no more than a lodging-place.  _Venta_ boasts (fallacious hope too often!) a step of elevation, and tells us supplies are there to be had for money.  _Fonda_ (Arabice _Fondagh_) is a remnant of Moorish days, in equal use with the rest, but less definite.  _Uostalris_ is a place of general reception; but, a new establishment, resolved to be original throughout, assumes the name of _Meson_.
(OED has 1826 for "fonda," but I have something on reserve that traces it to the 1700s.  The revised OED has 1824 for "meson" and states that it comes from Mexico and the southwestern United States--ed.)

Pg. 154:  A glass of _aguardiente_ (Pg. 155-ed.) (in which aniseed is infused) alone is a breakfast to some.

Pg. 156:  The _anieros_ eat their meal standing: one common dish, a _gaspacho_, is the usual meal at mid-day.

Pg. 161:  Their (Moors--ed.) proverb, "A woman, a book and a horse," is illustrative of their habits, ideas, and manners.

Pg. 186:  ..._argali_ or wild olive...
Pg. 204:  ..._argali_ oil.

Pg. 263:  There is a homely proverb in our language, however which says, "It is a bad cook who cannot lick her own fingers."

Pg. 270:  They have a proverb, "Given vinegar is sweeter than bought wine."

Pg. 312:  Cuscusu is eaten with flesh, with milk, with roots.  Their mid-day repast consists of kabab mutton (chops wrapped in caw), alsdouf (vermicelli), and meat, spiced meat, savoury broth...

Pg. 98:  Throughout Portugal, at the hour of mid-day, an excellent dish, the _caldo_,--meat, vegetables, and rice stewed together,--makes its appearance.

Pg. 260 (APPENDIX, NO. II):
(The revised OED has 1809, then 1825--ed.)

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