CLEMatiS, cleMAHtis, cleMAYtis

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I grew up in Utah saying cle MA tus ("a" as in "hat").
 I also learned pee O nee instead of PEE @ nee for

--- "ANNE V. GILBERT" <avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET> wrote:
> Bob:
> I grew up in the NC mountains, as did my mom who's
> an avid gardener.  She's
> always said CLEMatis in reference to that flowering
> plant.  I imagine that
> that's the same pronunciation she's heard in the
> local garden club.  In
> addition, her BS was a double major in science and
> home economics.  I've
> never asked her if she ran into clematis in the
> classroom or lab, but I'll
> quiz her when she gets back from the beach.
> Merriam-Webster Online features CLEMatis and
> cleMATis among four different
> pronunciations.
> Well, first off, I'll have to look in the friendly
> local dictionary .  I
> shoulda thought of that in the first place, but I
> had too many other things
> on my mind at the time. And second, I wonder if
> these pronunciations *are*
> regionally mediated(as well as perhaps age-mediated.
>  I live in Seattle, and
> as I said, I heard CLEMatis when I was growing up,
> but a lot of people have
> moved into Seattle from all over the place since
> then and presumably brought
> their pronunciations with them, so I'm
> wondering. . . .
> Anne G
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