"Everything is deeply intertwingled"

Richard Gage rgage at INTRAH.ORG
Wed Apr 10 20:35:00 UTC 2002

Came across the following quotation on the Mozilla.org site today.
< http://www.mozilla.org/blue-sky/misc/199805/intertwingle.html >

After some googling (over 800 hits), I found a thesis which provides
a cite to Nelson's earliest publication containing this statement.

NOTE to Fred Shapiro: From the many attributed and unattributed
usages of  "Everything is deeply intertwingled" on other sites, in
cinematic, computing, and other contexts, it would appear that this
expression is well on its way to becoming a modern proverb.

1974 Theodor Holm  Nelson. _Computer Lib / Dream Machines_ p. dm 45

"Intertwingularity is not generally acknowledged -- people keep
 pretending they can make things deeply hierarchical, categorizable
and sequential when they can't. Everything is deeply intertwingled."

[Jargon File definition]:

adj. [Invented by Theodor Holm Nelson, prob. a blend of "mingled"
and "intertwined".] Connected together in a complex way; specifically,
composed of one another's components.
< http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/html/entry/intertwingled.html >

For more about Theodor Holm Nelson and the words he claims to
have coined, see:
< http://ted.hyperland.com/whoIam/ >

See also: < http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/ >

[Nelson] wrote "Everything is deeply intertwingled," a phrase often
[incorrectly] attributed these days to Jamie Zawinski
< http://static.userland.com/userLandDiscussArchive/msg018415.html >

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