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<< 1.) My man-boy and I switch between "boyfriend" and "fiancé'".  Once we're

married (the gay symbolic kind) I'll be his "husband", laws be damned.  I

really don't think I've heard anyone my age use "partner" or "lover". >>

Here in the South, PARTNER seems to be the going term here among more settled
couples; younger couples use BOYFRIEND and (among lesbians) GIRLFRIEND;
HUSBAND is used when gay men are talking to other queers and good friends of
all orientations, though it usually has a sort-of facetious ring to it.

Officially, at Duke University same-sex couples who want to register with the
University (this is often done so that health-insurance coverage can be
extended to the partner who is not a Duke employee) are designated as "Same
Sex Spousal Equivalents."

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