SIGNIFICANT OTHER [question re: "squicked me"]

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Fri Apr 12 03:03:50 UTC 2002

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Richard Gage wrote:

#New to me anyway, "Squick" doesn't appear in the OED or
#Webster's Unabridged.  This was the best definition I could find.
#Does anyone know anything more about the etymology of this word?

#squick: v. to make someone squirm and go "ick!", to
#gross out; n. someone else's kink, not for me

        [and I answered]

I hadn't heard the putative etymology, but friends of mine defined the
verb to me -- when I asked, having heard or seen it -- pretty much like
that. Usually the grammatical subject, as I've seen it, is not a person
but an activity or situation.


And I just remembered the last time I used it f2f (face-to-face). At a
recent sf convention I was at the hotel and dropped in by invitation on
a friend from out of town, whom I knew from a previous con and email,
and two members of her polyamorous group who had come to the con with
her. I knocked on the door of their room. I could hear the shower

        my friend: Who's there?

        voice from further inside: Do they mind nudity?

        me: It's Mark.

        my friend: Oh, it's Mark. Mark, you mind nudity?

        me: It doesn't squick me.

Well, it was [face-to-door], but I'm willing to "phonemicize" that to

-- Mark, not as squick-prone as some

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