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Fri Apr 12 12:45:50 UTC 2002

My mother in-law (second generation Sicilian raised in
Brooklyn) uses it to mean "crazy" or "senile". Usually
she uses it to talk about when she becomes old and
stunod, what we need to do (basically take care of her
and don't put her in a home). When I lived in Philly
about ten years ago, I heard it used to mean "stupid"
or "crazy" without the sense of old age.


--- Mark A Mandel <mam at THEWORLD.COM> wrote:
> Back in January or February the comic strip "Heart
> of the City" used the
> word "stunod". The comic is set in Philadelphia. An
> Italian-American
> neighborhood grandmother character rebuked a pair of
> mischievous
> children, "Stunods!"
> Is "stunod" actually used? And if so, what does it
> mean and what's it
> from (besides "donuts" spelled backwards)?
> -- Mark A. Mandel
>    Linguist at Large

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