Come off the money

positive pcr positive_pcr at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 13 02:57:31 UTC 2002

Is anyone familiar with the expression "come off the money" meaning to stop
being miserly or, perhaps, to finalize a decision to spend some money? I
believe this expression is commonly understood in Jackson, Mississippi. Is
it widely used across the south? Any idea as to its age? A Google search
returns a handful of examples:

"It took me two months to come off the money and I must say I don't regret
buying it."

" expensive model...this really is a case of getting what you paid
for isnt it? guess i could come off the money, but now i'm just too lazy to
get around to it."

"Cashiers and tellers [being robbed] are trained to come off the money with
no fuss."

-- G. Truelove

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