Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Apr 13 17:25:53 UTC 2002

At 1:01 PM -0400 4/13/02, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>>"hand and glove" > "hand in glove"
>>"clean shavin"
>>"puss in/and boots"
>>"foot in mouth disease"  (not always jocularly intended)
>>"kitten caboodle"
>>"black and red fish"
>>"tongue and cheek"
>>"(at one's) beckon call"
>>"tender lovin'/love and care"
>>"Chip and Dale furniture" (I know, something else going on here)
>>and now
>>"in this day in age"
>A great collection!  Reminds me of my cat, Puss in Boots (named after the
>folktale/fairy tale), who was recorded by the vet's secretary as Puss and
>Boots (as per the cat food).

These often seem to be in free variation.  One google site, for example, has

Amazon.com: buying info: Puss in Boots
... California Lincoln Kirstein's imaginative retelling of the
traditional tale, Puss
and Boots, is a magnificent book for both adults and children. Illustrator ...

>I think there's also a cat food called Kitten
>Kaboodle, isn't there?
Sounds familiar.  Google turned up several hits on "Kitten Kaboodle
Gourmet Cat Toys", and umpteen hits that have no obvious relation to
cats (1,150 total hits).  I suspect some of these are intentional
cutesy reanalyses, but others are probably sincere.


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