Strudel, Pfannkuchen, Pfefferkuchen (1853)

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by CHarles Loring Brace
New York: Charles Scribner

   I'll have to read this author's HUNGARY IN 1851.  On Page 395, it's mentioned that that work "has been deposited by the author in the Yale College Library, New Haven, Ct., for public examination."
   I've got a ton of stuff today and no time.

Pg. 22:  The breakfast was simply coffee and _Brodchen_--little bread-rolls, for which Hamburg is famous.

Pg. 98:  Another member of our coffee-party...

Pg. 222:  The _pfeffer-kuchen_--the immemorial cake for Christmas--are selling off by the loads...

Pg. 226:  ...the merry Christmas Eve supper, with the ancient Berlin dish for the occasion, _carps stewed in beer_, followed by the Christmas-cake, _pfefferkuchen_, which to the uninitiated may be described as a mild form of ginger-bread, sweetened with honey.

Pg. 333:
   "No, no;" said my opponent, "she will put salt into the _Pfannekuchen_, (pan-cakes) instead of sugar, like our learned Fraulein C., when she was so absorbed in the study of the early Greek tragedy."
(OED has 1877 for "Pfannkuchen"--ed.)

Pg. 333:
   ..."Lunch is ready!" and we all walked out informally to the dining-room, where we found a table set with flowers and some pretty fruit from the conservatories, _Wurst_, tongue, bread and butter, and beer.

Pg. 334:
   "But you must go to Vienna, if you would eat good bread! and such puddings!  The _Strudel_!  Have you those much in America, Herr B.?"
   "Oh yes.  We eat all kind of dishes, much more than you here.  The universal breakfast over the whole land, of rich and poor almost, are these _Pfannekuchen_ of buckwheat or Turkish corn, eaten with molasses, or syrup.  I suppose you never tasted any _syrup_?"
(OED has 1893 for "strudel"--ed.)

Pg. 362:  A man has to keep a sharp look out, or he will continually be paying _Munz_ for _Schein_, or in other words, two and a half times as much as he should.

Pg. 414:  ...and your best _Mehl-speise_ (pudding)...
(...)  The _Huhn_ is chicken fried in lard; _Fogasch_ is a perch, much prized here...

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