Strudel, Robot in "Hungary in 1851"

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Sun Apr 14 22:54:46 UTC 2002

by Charles Loring Brace
New York: Charles Scribner

Pg. 77:  I inquired how the freedom from the _Robot_ had worked there.  This _Robot_, by the way, is the old feudal exaction on the peasants, by which they must work a certain number of days for their masters in return for occupying his land--one of the greatest burdens and grievances of the old Constitution of Hungary.

Pg. 123:  I inquired how the freedom from _Robot_--_i. e._ from feudal labor among the Bauer, had worked in that neighborhood?

Pg. 134:  There were soup, and _Handel_ (young chickens), and _Strudel_ (puddings) andformidable-looking pyramids of cakes, cut in singular shapes, and roast mutton with salad, and veal cutlets, with divers other dishes, unmentionable in English, or with names which I have forgotten.
(This is a year earlier than what I posted yesterday.  "Strudel" is a pudding?--ed.)

Pg. 164:  They had quite as many _Robot-days_ to work...
(How many "robot" citations are necessary to cite the Hungarian etymology in _any_ dictionary?--ed.)

Pg. 221:  "Look too," said he, "at this abolishing of the _Robot_ (feudal labor)."
Pg. 221:  In consequence, when the feudal work (the _Robot_) was abolished, he only lost the labor--not much land with it.

Pg. 276:  I ate two plates of the Hungarian _Strudel_, (pudding,) to show my indifference and then we all drank coffee and smoke together, and drove around in company to the house of my friend.

Pg. 300:  I was permitted to order my coffee and _kipfel_ (rolls) from a tavern close by.

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