"The Bends"

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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I never would have imagined "get bent" has
> anything to do with getting the bends. I always assumed it referred to the
> addressee's penis.

This can't always be the case.  The only time I remember hearing the word
used was at college.  Our dorm had only one phone for each hall, so anyone
who happened to be nearby had to answer it and holler for the "callee" to
come to the phone.  I happened to answer it one day, and a woman asked for
someone who lived on our hall.  "Who is it?" he shouted back, in reply to
my shouted summons.  I shouted back the woman's name.  "Tell her to GET
BENT!" was the angry reply.  I never did figure out what the specific
details of this action might be, but the comment was clearly directed at a

Peter Mc.

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