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I have never heard any other pronunciation than [baesk].  I never would even have thought that another pronunciation existed.  There is a large group of Basques here in Oregon (as well as in Nevada).

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> had to look 'basque' up in the dictionary. seems to be what I would call
> a bodice. Basque with back vowel sounds somewhat affected/ hypercorrect
> to me, an attempt at hispanization to be more correct, when the truly
> politically correct term would be Euskera.

Hm, I find this interesting, because I've always heard Basque with a back
vowel, even in my politically incorrect hometown (where I learned at 14
that 'No outsider has ever mastered the Basque language' --according to my
high school French teacher).  It would never have occured to me to
pronounce it with an /ae/.


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