Hollandaise Sauce (1828)

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Wed Apr 17 21:29:44 UTC 2002

by Louis Eustache Ude
Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, and Carey
New York: Arco Publishing Company, Inc.

   I cited "filet mignon" from the 1835 edition, about one year ago.  The NYPL has the 1828 edition, with this reprint.  There's an 1813 edition out there.
   OED has only eight hits from THE FRENCH COOK.  It could easily have been 80 or 800.  I'll do more later.
   There's an 1869 "Hollandaise sauce" from THE GALAXY magazine in Making of America--journals.  Again, M-W has 1907.
  O.T. (General Tso's Chicken):  Thanks for that article.  I hadn't forgotten about Shun Lee Palace.  As I posted, there's someone who's collected thousands of Chinese menus.  When I check out the collection, the menus will decide the issue.

Pg. 32:  No. 69--_Hollandoise verte, or Green Dutch Sauce_.

Pg. 33:  No. 70--_Dutch Sauce_.

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