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>Samuel < Hebrew, from the Bible. "his name is God." according  to
>Smadar Shir Sidi (The complete book of Hebrew baby names),  and
>Kolatch (The complete dictionary of English and Hebrew first names),
>.Dunkling (Facts on File dictionary of first names) gives two
>meanings, "heard of God" or "name of God".  Hanks and Hodges (A
>dictionary of first names) has " . . . possibly meaning 'He (God)
>has hearkened' (presumably to the prayers of a mother for a son.  It
>may also be understood as a contracted form of the Hebrew sha'ul
>me'el meaning 'asked of God'.
>I would tend to favor the "God has hearkened (or God heard)."
>Dunkling goes on to explain that Samantha  is a feminine form of
>Samuel and goes back to the 17th century.  Dunkling has a fairly
>long interesting discussion of the  use of the name in literature
>and films.
>Gerald Cohen wrote:
>>   Here's another interesting message from the American Name Society
>>(below my signoff). BTW, I don't have the pertinent reference books
>>handy, but I thought that the full form of "Sam" ("Samuel", Hebrew:"
>>Shmuel") derives from the Hebrew imperative plural of the root "SHM"
>>(= hear, listen) and "el" (= God). I don't know the full etymology of
>>"Samantha." And how many people would know that "Sam" and its
>>variants ultimately refer to hearing/listening?
>>Gerald Cohen
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>>>Subject:      Pet Names
>>>The most popular dog name in North America is Sam, Sammie or Samantha
>>>(which means "listener"). The second most popular is Max, Maxie, Maxwell
>>>or Maxine (which means "the greatest" in Latin). Third is Lady, followed
>>>by Bear, Maggie, Buddy, Tasha, Chelsea (or Chelsie), Holly and Shasta.
>>>Other very popular names are Brandy, Ginger and Taffy.
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