More weird sportscasterese ("More than enough")

Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Apr 21 21:52:15 UTC 2002

Here's another one from sports broadcasting.  I'm not sure if this was
brought up on the list a while back, so forgive me if so.

It is the very common usage, esp. in basketball announcing (where the score
can change so quickly), "within", as in "they have now got it to within one"
(i.e., if the score is, say, 57-56).  Clearly, the score cannot be "within
one".  Yet announcers, even those as experienced as Dick Enberg, use this
often.  The usage can be with differences in score of more than one point,
but it seems always to be used when the difference is actually the number of
points stated after "within".  The usage is illogical, it seems to me, but
it is out there.

Frank Abate

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